A Novel by
Doug Beaver


Paperback: 194 pages
Published: June 26, 2012
ISBN: 1477113169 | 978-1477113165
Dimensions: 9 x 6 x 0.4 inches

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Scrapping with the Mob

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About the book

Scrapping with the Mob describes the adventures of scrap metal dealer Johnathon Michaels as he finds himself entangled with a Las Vegas mob-run casino, and all the dangers that come with the territory.

A Midwestern transplant, Johnathon discovers that there are many opportunities to do what is right—and wrong—when he lands his first post-college job, an opportunity that could prove too good to be true. As the plot unfolds, the characters and situations he encounters be- come more outlandish and life threatening until Johnathon finds himself at a crossroads.

Scrapping with the Mob is lively read that will surprise and entertain the reader as it uncovers a dark underworld that most of us can only imagine.

Author Doug Beaver has a degree in journalism and has written both for newspapers and news radio. He worked for a scrap metal company and in the demolition field, where he experienced first-hand some of the things he describes in the novel.

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What readers are saying

"Author Doug Beaver has assembled an amazing cast of characters!"

"Anyone who has ever been in the metal producing industry, or who has known anyone in that field should definitely read this book!"

"This book is an easy read and very enjoyable."

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